Guests with additional needs

Guests with additional needs

It is well worth reiterating that as a family we have 25 years of understanding and experience ( and still learning) relating to children and adults on The Autistic Spectrum.

With three children ourselves and having faced so many hurdles in life, we comprehend the challenges of life on the spectrum, and stand alongside parents who find themselves in this situation.

The Flints provides a safe space, not just for those with ASD, but also ADHD and other associated learning disabilities. We can forward photo's or make videos to help with social stories, and we're happy to chat to answer any questions to support you before you arrive.

One of the main reasons we only take one booking at a time is so that guests can feel a sense of being able to relax, especially those needing extra support. Stimming, pacing, meltdowns, vocal tics, severe anxiety and repetitive behaviours don't faze us, sensory food needs are a challenge we accept and we'll do our best to accommodate you. Here at The Flints, we hope you'll only find patience, acceptance and a whole lot of love.

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