What's the most important thing when running a B&B?

What's the most important thing when running a B&B?

Posted on April 03, 2022

According to TripAdvisor’s latest study, independent properties with less than 25 rooms have an average review score of 4.4/5 whilst rooms with 26-100 rooms have an average of 3.97. So it seems that, small, independent hosts and hoteliers like you, are leading the way in customer satisfaction.

But we’re not surprised! As you can see from our survey the majority of the answers given were all about making sure that the customer comes first. And the main thing that’s attractive about staying in independent accommodation is the people that run them. The fact that you can give guests a more personal experience, with quirky and home-from-home comforts leading the way in customer satisfaction above the hotel chains.

For example one reviewer for The Village Inn that offers a pub with rooms in Dumfries and Galloway wrote “It’s a bit like staying with your slightly bonkers but welcoming auntie, I hope you don’t mind me saying that, it’s meant in the nicest possible way. Make sure you try this B&B you won’t regret it.” Which really shows the kind of quirky and personal service you receive at independent properties.

And although the survey results favoured ‘keeping guest happy and being sociable,’ the rest was highly customer focussed too. With the other property owners saying that it’s all about attention to detail, a clean property, a great breakfast, comfy bed and being adaptable and flexible.

The survey also revealed that you absolutely love being your own boss and running your business your way, which most likely shines through when guests stay with you and puts independent properties a cut above the rest.

The final bit of advice from the survey was to simply enjoy it.

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